Even as humans lived in caves 40'000 years ago we decorated our walls to make them home. From these beginnings we built our culture, passed it on and it was shaped anew and built upon. Our homes grew with us and each generation left their mark.
Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral must have looked even more impressive in the olden days as it was the highest building around.
The New Church bathed in the soft light of Berlin's setting sun.
A spire of the Berlin Cathedral is lit up brightly from behind.
Details on the facade and eaves of the Berlin Cathedral.
Frescos line the cuppola of Copenhagen's Frederik's Church.
A detail of the Osaka Castle against a dramatic cloud backdrop - messengers of an incoming tsunami.
An old highrise building in downtown Chicago.
The Wrigley Building constructed in the 1920s aims to fuse the old and the new.
The Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building embodies New Brutalism in perfection - utilitarian and daunting.
Fujikawa's Chicago Mercantile Exchange Center is an example of sleek Modernism - sleek and cool.
The Renaissance Center is an unmistakable icon in Detroit's city core.
A'DAM Tower stands opposite Amsterdam's old city on the northern shore of the harbor.
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